Series SMART



  • Service-friendly and robust casing
  • Energy savings due to high efficiency of transformers and processor-controlled charging characteristics
  • High-resolution graphic display for charging current, charging voltage, charging time, Ah load, indication of charging phase and error messages
  • Charge level indicated in the display (visually and in percent )
  • USB interface for reading out the last 1.200 charging cycles with detailed error report on free software
  • Software for optimal setting of the charging parameters to different operating conditions, such as cold battery, time delayed charging, timer, External charging indicator … and more
  • Integrated wall bracket
  • gentle charging of the battery
  • Equalisation charge
  • Messages are programmable in various languages
  • Integrated timer for a programmable charging start
  • LED indicators for charging status



  • Battery Management System
  • EUW Electrolytic circulation
  • Automatic water refilling
  • Remote diagnosis
  • WLAN – Networking
  • And more



flyer50hz             flyerhf

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