LPS SystemSafety-Line 500W


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Decentralized Low Power System (LPS System) series Safety-Line to supply emergency luminaires within a fire area with power according to DIN EN 50171. For the connection of up to 80 luminaires in standard- and mixed operation system. Connectable load max 200

  • 5 Inch Touchscreen-Display
  • Intuitive operation via Touch-Display
  • Connectable load max 500 W
  • 4 circuits each with max.200W
  • Double terminal for each circuit
  • For the connection of up to 80 luminaires in standard- and mixed operation system
  • Compact Design
  • Combi housing with battery compartment
  • 8 switching inputs freely programmable (4 x 230VAC – 4 x potential free)
  • 4 relay outputs freely programmable
  • Mimic panels 24VDC
  • USB interface for keyboard, mouse or USB memory stick
  • TCP / IP interface for networking or visualization
  • HDMI port for display of the visualization on a external monitor
  • Easy commissioning of the system via menu navigation
  • Single light the monitoring or current circuit monitoring
  • Single luminaire monitoring with the destination specified in plain text
  • Switching of individual luminaires or groups of luminaires via switching inputs
  • Simple but powerful automatic luminaire search
  • Menu for recognizing double addresses
  • Automatic test with monitoring of the luminaires
  • Integrated test book
  • Easy maintenance and easy service
  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Inhibit Mode via software
  • Password protection on several plains
  • Easy connection via plug-in terminals
  • Central Monitoring for up to 253 systems for visualization and Control



E 30 casing LPS 24-500-48



Weight approximately 112 Kg ( without LPS )





E 30 casing LPS 24-500-100


Weight approximately 157 Kg ( without LPS )





Signaling and remote Control Panel according DIN EN 50172 (VDE 0108 Teil 100)


supply voltage: 24 VDC
Connection: 6pol cable Color: pure white (similar to RAL-Nr.: 9010)
Dimension (HxWxD) Surface-mounted version: 60x60x44,5mm (Suitable for Surface mounting and flush mounting)




BUS panel for networking via RS 485 bus

With the BUS panel you can controlled and monitored up to 40 LPS. 
The connection is made via a 2-wire bus cable with a cable length of up to 1,000 meters

Technical specifications
Connection: IY (St) Y 1x2x0,8mm²
Bus interfaces: RS 485
Housing: plastic (impact-resistant)
Dim. (HxWxD): 115mm x 200mm x 70mm


IP panel 2 for networking and visualization of up to 253 LPS devices

Technical specifications
Connection:          LAN / WLAN
Color:                    Black
Housing:               metal – wall housing
Dim. (HxWxD):     330mm x 215mm x 15mm

  • 10.1 “touch screen display
  • Ultra-thin wall housing
  • Networking of up to 253 LPS systems
  • Remote control of LPS systems
  • Display of the system status, error messages and all important operating datas 
  • a building plan per circle
  • Programming of the LPS systems
  • Reading the memory of each system
  • Reading the test books of each system
  • Automatic programming and installation
  • Email in case of errors
  • Notification for background operation
  • Connection via LAN or WLAN
  • Networking via existing LAN network or simple networking via switch
  • Simple installation by automatic scanning of all connected LPS devices with designation
  • Direct access to every LPS device
  • High security – data exchange only via a password-protected port (SSH)
  • Also available as software for a Windows Computer


LPS-Manager V4

Windows software for existing PCs
With the LPS Manager V4 you can network and visualize up to 253 LPS systems
Because of to the integrated notify system, you can work normally on the PC with the installed LPS-Manager V4 software.
In case of error you will automatically receive a notification. 

Functionallity like IP-Tableau 2


Monitoring module for mixed operation and single luminaire monitoring according to DIN EN 50172 (VDE0108-100)
Type: ELC




Monitoring module with 20 addresses for monitoring and switching modes (maintained/non-maintained and switched mode)
freely programmable without additional data line to the luminaires

Technical specifications:
Material:                        plastic
Input:                             230V AC / DC
Output:                          1W – 100W
Switching input:             230V AC
Ambient temperature:    -10 ° C to 50 ° C
Address range:              1 – 20
Protection class:            2
Protection class:            IP 20
Cable cross-section:      max. 1,5mm²
Dimension (LxWxH):      78x30x16mm




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